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Welcome to Narconon Cape Town!

Our purpose is not only to educate youth as to why drugs are not the way to a better life but to provide practical ways that do. Ultimately our goal is a generation that are achieving their goals and helping others do the same. We want to help make South Africa to be a bright, vibrant, healthy country.

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Drug Awareness The most powerful influence amongst the youth are each other. Here are students who have attended one of our programs helping to educate others as to WHY drugs are not the way to a better life.

Community InvolvementOur purpose is to do what we can to be a part of helping South African youth make this country great. We deliver drug education all around South Africa and participate in many community activities to help spread the truth about drugs.

Drug Education We deliver drug education to tens of thousands and thousands of youth each year.

1The Answer is More Drug Education Don’t hesitate to call us to find out more about the Narconon drug education program. There are many success stories to share from teachers, kids and families about how kids have made up their minds to stay away from drugs.

Peer Leader Training  Those students who want to play a bigger role in making a difference in their communities do a workshop with us called “Peer Leader Training”.  They receive a certificate and badge upon completion.

Narconon Cape Town Makes the Head Lines  Narconon Cape Town’s hard work gets acknowledged in The Herald newspaper after warning these pupils about the dangers of drug use.