Welcome to Narconon Cape Town!

Drug Awareness
Narconon Cape Town was at the Tygervalley Shopping Centre on June 26th for UD day delivering drug education. These are students from a school that received drug education.

Community Envolvement

Our purpose is to do what we can to be a part of helping South African youth make this country great. Narconon Cape Town delivers drug education all around South Africa and participates in many community activities to help spread the truth about drugs.

Drug Education

Delivering drug education to thousands and thousands of kids each year has certainly made an impact in Cape Town.

Narconon Cape Town isn’t backing down and continues to expand and get the truth about drugs out with the continued support of those reaching for a solution to help put a stop to drug abuse in South Africa.

1The Answer is More Drug Education

Don’t hesitate to call Narconon Cape Town to find out more about the Narconon drug education program. There are many success stories to share from teachers, kids and families about how kids have made up their minds to stay away from drugs.

Peer Leader Training

Narconon Cape Town was started up in 1997 by Executive Director, Robert van der Feyst in Cape Town South Africa. These are some students who completed “Peer Leader Training” and received a certificate and badge upon completion.

Narconon Cape Town Makes the Head Line

Narconon Cape Town’s hard work gets acknowledged in The Herald newspaper after warning these pupils about the dangers of drug use.