Drug Prevention

We offer many different programs.  The first and most vital is drug education or prevention.  This is because drug use has become so prevalent that its almost considered normal.  Due to the positive propaganda that has been used to legalise Marijuana (for profit) in many states of America, Marijuana is now not even considered a drug anymore.  It is now believed to be medicine and therefore “Good for you”.  While there are positive uses for the plant, it is still a drug and does have side effects but this has been forgotten.

The problem with drug use and the reason we do this is because it is so easy get swept up in the wave and loose track of one’s true goals and interests, which by the way are the only things that make life worthwhile and of any value.  When one wakes up and  realises this many years could have been wasted and one is in a worse condition before.  Getting out can be very difficult and in some cases impossible but the bottom line is that whether one realises it or not, one is not the same as one was before.  Although drugs are taken to enjoy life more, the long term effects are to make life less enjoyable and one less able to reach for ones goals.  Factually, drug use is crippling a generation that are vitally needed to turn our country around.

The good news is that this does make a difference.  When people understand WHY drugs will not make life better and that there are better ways to improve life, then they are not as inclined to want to go there.  We do surveys on the students before and after the program to find out what difference it did make and how we can improve it.  In this way we stay relevant and as effective as possible.

In addition, our program has to be interesting and engaging and even fun at times to maintain their interest and not be “just another drug program”

Here are what some students said on their survey forms afterwards: