Peer Leader Training

This is a workshop done with a small select group of students.  After we have spoken about drugs, choices and shown the DVD “The Way To Happiness”, it is clear that the way to a better life for everyone is for us each to play our part to make things better.  Some students realise that one of their purposes in life is to make a big difference.  We invite them to this workshop.  Usually 20 to 30 students of various ages sign up for this course.

We teach them ways to uplift others.  These techniques are called “Assists” and are used on the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program to help those in recovery feel brighter, more alert and confident.  We teach the students 3 of these assists, get them to practice them on each other so they can see they work and know how to do them, then they have to go home and apply each of them to friends and family.


The 3 assists they learn are:

A Locational Assist

This assist is designed to extrovert someone and involves simply putting a person’s attention on different
things in the environment till they have more attention in present time and are more alert.

Here are some results students got on family members:

Nerve Assist

This assist relieves stress from the nervous system and is very effective in only a few minutes.

It involves brushing stress out of the nerve channels and is a technique designed for ordinary people to use to help each other as it is non-invasive and is used by Chiropractors too.

The students normally get the best results from this technique as they do it on their parents after a hard day at work and is very appreciated.

Here are some of the results gotten with this assist:




Havingness Assist

This assist increases a person’s confidence in their ability to reach their goals and own things.  It involves bringing out ones native ability to be able to operate within the world and make things happen for oneself.  It takes only a few minutes to do and can change a person’s idea of themselves for the better.

Here are some results the students got on friends and family:


After they have done each of these assists on 3 different people and had them write down what they got out of it above, they bring these completed practicals in and we give them a certificate and in some cases a badge.  Many thousands of students have done this workshop with us and some are still using the techniques on friends and family years later.

Here are what some students said about the course:

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