Over the years we have been sponsored by many people and organisations.  Quite frankly, we would not have been able do what we have done without their help.  It is a team effort.  We would like to thank you so very much.  In order of appearance they are:

Bobby and Gill van der Feyst – these are the parents of the executive director, Robert van der Feyst.  Even when they were worried out of their minds while he was doing drugs, they still managed to handle the situation in such a way that resulted in successful rehabilitation.  Parents are saints that hold the fabric of society together.

Narconon International – this is the organisation that oversees the individual Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centers.  Many of the staff have gone through addiction themselves and have a passion for helping others.  Without them and the owners and staff of the various centers there would have been no Narconon Centre for Sam and Robert to attend.

Aquatite CC – They employed Robert van der Feyst on his return from rehab which is itself a vital step as one must get into production after rehab.  Not only that but they gave the newly formed organisation an office to operate from.  To this day they still assist us.

Tracy Haufen – She is an accountant and does our books for us.  She never asks to be paid and does it to help us help the youth.  She puts in many hours of her valuable time every year to do our accounts for us.

Tony Horn – Tony is an auditor and prepares our financials for us.  It is essential that we have audited financials as most companies we approach for funding insist on this.  He gives us the best price of anyone we have approached and does them fast!