Our purpose is to help youth reach their goals.

We are first and foremost a drug prevention program mainly because drugs are so prevalent and acceptable these days, that getting into it is not hard to do.  In fact, in some circles it is what is done and “normal”.  Because of this and the fact that people want to feel good and make life more enjoyable and drugs do just that (in the beginning) we have to inspect that subject to see if it is really as harmless and some people say or whether in moderation it is a way to spice up life without consequences.  The truth is it does have consequences but these have to be looked at, together with where the ideas come from that it is harmless or even “good for you” as in the case of certain drugs.

As drugs are only one of the challenges facing our society we also run life skills courses. Almost everyone wants to make their lives better and these programs help with that. Additionally, most are concerned with the world they’re living in and their immediate environment and would like to do something about that. Our programs give a person something they can do to improve their lives as well as the world around them.

Our philosophy is that if each one of us did small things that make a difference, collectively, that adds up to a lot. Even something as simple as trying to treat others with respect and make them feel worthy can go a long way when done on a large scale as others will most likely treat others like that and so the ripples spread out to the farthest shore.

In the following pages we’ll explain in greater detail what we do and the results and what we can offer you.