Peer Leader Training

After they have watched “The Way to Happiness DVD” it is clear that really enjoying life and being fully satisfied includes being a part of making a difference in one’s environment.  Some students would have been reminded that they have the purpose to make a difference, no matter what else they do.  We invite them to a workshop called “Peer Leader Training”.  We teach them 3 techniques that are designed to uplift others.  They learn these techniques in the workshop, practice on each other and experience them and then to graduate they must do them on friends and family and have that person write down what they got out of it.  These techniques are called “Assists”, here is an explanation of each and examples of results:

Locational Assist – This assist is designed to extrovert a person’s attention onto the environment and off their problems, worries and other places one’s attention can get fixed.  It results in a person feeling brighter, more alive and happier.  They practice on each other until they know how it is done and know what it can do, then they have to go home and deliver it to three friends and family successfully and have that person write down what they got out of it.  Here are some actual responses:


Nerve Assist – This assist is designed to take the accumulated stress out of the back and neck.  It involves brushing along the nerve channels in a pattern until the person experiences relief.  This assist usually only takes a few minutes but the results can be surprisingly good for such a simple action.  Again, to graduate they have to apply this to friends and family to a good result and have that person write down what they got out of it.  Here is what some people said:

Havingness Assist – This assist increases a person’s concept of what they can own and also increases perception and connection to the environment.  Often a person can be introverted into their own world and not feel a part of what is going on around them.  This improves that.  Here is what some people have said who received it as part of the practical they had to do:

We have done this workshop with hundreds of students at schools around South Africa and it always is a hit for those who do it.  Here are what some of the students wrote about the course: