The Way To Happiness

Once we have proven beyond any doubt that drugs do not make life better, we start in the positive side of our program which is how it can be.  What can one do right now, today, to improve not only one’s own life but others as well.  If one were for example to treat the lady at a shopping centre with respect and make her feel good about herself, the chances are that she will uplift the following customer and so it spreads.  This is how simple actions can make a difference.  With more people doing this a significant different can be made with minimal effort.  These are the kinds of values we discuss with them.

As part of this section of the program we show a short DVD of the same title which shows 21 values in action.  It has been made in such a way that  it makes one want to live like that.  You can see two short clips below:

Here is what a girl said after the program:

Here is the entire DVD we show: